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Name of "Felix"
[ in Japanese ]

Origin of "Felix"

My handlename in cyber space is "Felix".

The name of "Felix" often reminds of "Felix the cat"
Some friends of mine say to me "Oh, you like the cat, don't you? I like it, too! I Have many charcter goods!! I shall show you them someday!!!"
Humm...well, I don't dislike the character, but...

I choose Felix as a handlename not because I like the cat but because the name of "Felix" means "happy" or "hope" in old language.

I wrote to a e-mail friend years ago like this;

The important is NOT to fail down, but to get back always on one's own foot.
There may be no perfect hope, but nor absolute despair...

This is the reason I choose "Felix" as my e-mail address among ocean of the word.
I heard felix means hope in old language....

To keep hope in our mind is the last fortress,I think.

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Updated : 16 Sep. 1994