Jeffreyston Parish

Jeffreyston parish, originally combined with the nearby church of St. Issell's, was granted status as a church sometime in the 1330s. The union of the two churches dissolved sometime before 1534 with both churches becoming independent. Possibly named after Saint Jeffry, Jeffreyston also has alternate spellings including Geffreston and Jeffreston. The church changed hands several times throughout its history and was leased by various people including; Mr. David Wogan, David Nash, George and Elizabeth Lucy, Duncan Banes and a Mr. Allen. The church was restored in 1868 and an east window was installed in addition to the north transept being enlarged.

  1. 1534 Owen Gwilym
  2. 1535-6 John Luell/William Mendus
  3. 1564 Maurice George
  4. 1609 Richard Daniell
  5. 1628 William Thomas
  6. 1740 John Andrews
  7. 1761 Nicholas Roberts
  8. 1799 John Meyler
  9. 1804 Francis Rees
  10. 1826 William Richardson
  11. 1854 John Dawkins Palmour
  12. 1875 James Joseph Phillips
  13. 1901 John Lloyd
  14. 1903 William Williams

Jeffreyston Parish Registers (PR)
Property of the Church of Wales
Held in the National Library, Aberystwyth (microfilm)
Also in the Haverfordwest Record Office
Jeffreyston Bishop's Transcripts (BT)
Held in the National Library, Aberystwyth

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